Fourteen sweeping and competently arranged songs.
(Vierzehn kompetent arrangierte und mitreissend gespielte Songs.)

— Angela Schader, Neue Zürcher Zeitung (read)

Whether wacky funk, nostalgic rock’n’roll, psychedelic hippie rock or pathos-drenched country sound — the musical styles and arrangements are as diverse as Thomas Pynchon’s eight novels.
(Ob schräger Folk, nostalgischer Rock’n’Roll, psychedelischer Hippie-Rock oder pathosgetränkter Country-Sound – so verschieden wie Thomas Pynchons acht Romane sind hier Musikstile und Arrangements.)

— Bernhard Jugel, Bayerischer Rundfunk (listen)

Now Everybody— is an entertaining but also profound alternative journey through Pynchon’s work which brings both literary and musical pleasure.
(Die CD «Now Everybody» ist eine unterhaltsame, aber auch tiefgründige alternative Reise durch Pynchons Werk, die sowohl literarisches wie musikalisches Vergnügen bereitet.)

— Eric Facon, Schweizer Radio SRF 2 Kultur (listen)

This album lends the musical dimension of Pynchon’s works additional attention; it is like a trip out of the oeuvre in order to immerse oneself again with the proper rhythms.
(Diese Platte gibt der musikalischen Dimension in Pynchons Werken eine zusätzliche Aufmerksamkeit, ist wie Ausflug aus dem Werk hinaus, um mit passenden Rhythmen darin wieder einzutauchen.)

— Thomas Hummitzsch, Intellectures (read)

This is a classic sounding Americana record, but one executed with great finesse, befitting of the material that inspired it.

— Eduard Banulescu, Alt77 music blog (review of “Middletown New York”)

This album is so good as a whole that one doesn’t need to be a Pynchon devotee to have a ball.
(Dieses Ganze ist so gut, dass man nicht zu den Pynchon-Verehrern gehören muss, um seinen Spass daran zu haben.)

— Oliver Camenzind, Loop Musikzeitung

Listeners from around the world

From now on, this is how Pynchon’s lyrics will sound when reading his novels, and this album is done with so much knowledge, care, and love for its material that there really couldn’t be a better soundtrack.

— Sascha Pöhlmann, author of Pynchon’s Postnational Imagination, Munich, Germany

At once surpassingly sweet and full of unhealthy mental excitement. The best version of the Yoyodyne anthem you’ll ever hear, and it just gets better from there.

— Howard A. Rodman, Past President Writers Guild of America West, author of Destiny Express, USA

I am absolutely delighted and especially touched by Lily’s voicelet on the final track “Dream Tonight of Peacock Tails”: Thanks ever so much! I ordered two more copies for the Pynchonheads among my friends.

— Ulrich Blumenbach, translator of David Foster Wallace and Joshua Cohen, Basel, Switzerland

My renewed attention through the album has informed my understanding of Pynchon, particularly the passages with animate objects. Though brief and humorous, apparently there is “a soul in every stone.”

— Penny Padgett Harper, Tualatin OR, USA

I absolutely love the CD. It’s been giving me chills. LOTs of great music in those 49 minutes.

— Mark Ouillette, Pittsfield MA, USA

Beautiful work. This was a particularly ambitious project from its conception, and I am thrilled with its execution.

— Rob Malesko, Lansing MI, USA

Listen up! Look up… that is a V2 of microbial dimensions and the spirit of a shape-shifter fluttering down to earth like a relic of designed obsolescence either CD or razor blade…

— Mitch Ritter, Washington County OR, USA