Full Line-up

Many thanks to all these beautiful people who helped make the album:

Vocals, guitars, ukulele, banjo, keyboards, bass, tambourine — Tyler Burba
Drums — Clint Carlson
Harmonica, kazoo — a friend

More harmonica — Junior Burke
Pedal steel guitar — Gerald Menke
Clarinet, bass clarinet, tambourine, coconuts — Christian Hänggi
Recorder — Todd Burba
Violin — Astrid Hänggi
Cello — Tristan Price
Additional percussion — Bill Wolf

Additional vocals on “It Was Fun While It Lasted” — Adam Lakes
Additional vocals on “Dream Tonight of Peacock Tails” — Lily Burba
Backing vocals — LaDonna Burns, Rebecca Martinez
Choir & kazoos — Adam DeGraff, Delaney Fong, Fedora Sheridan, Freya Price, Isaac Cohen, Jen Varbalow, Julie Kaplan, Karen Marder, McManus Woodend, Megan Bridge, Michael Kasenter, Peter Price, Tristan Price
Studio bass — Steve Jacksa

Narrator — Tyler Burba
Radio DJ — McManus Woodend
Sound collages — Peter Price

All lyrics by Thomas Pynchon
All arrangements by Tyler Burba

Produced by Christian Hänggi
Recorded at the Terrarium (Minneapolis), the Aquarium (New York), and Sträggeli Studios (Zurich).
Recording engineer at the Terrarium — Rob Oesterlin
Mixing & mastering — Rob Weston for Great Magnet Recording Concerns, New Orleans

Cover and booklet design — Tyler Wilson
Cover photograph from Roald Amundsen’s South Pole expedition, c. 1911

Website — Christian Hänggi

A bottom-of-our-heart thank-you to the good souls who spared a dime, and in some cases a good many dimes, to allow us to make this album.