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Buy a signed Album (Europe only)

During the time of shortages, we decided to put a few outrageously overpriced (heh-heh…) copies signed by artist Tyler Burba and producer Christian Hänggi up for sale too. Click below to order one of those with PayPal.

USD 44.00 BUY
EUR 40.00 BUY
CHF 44.00 BUY

BUY MP3 only (PayPAL)

USD 9.49 BUY
EUR 8.18 BUY
CHF 9.49 BUY

Your purchase includes access to the MP3s and bonus material. Orders are processed manually, so please allow for a day or two to receive your access code. If you feel something has gone horribly wrong, please write to and let us know.

support local Shops

In Zürich, Pile of Books, carries the CD; in Basel, the Labyrinth Bookstore.

If you know of other stores that carries the album, write us an email to be listed here.

If you must: the global corporations

A variety of platforms are selling our MP3s. If you prefer to buy from them, please visit Apple Music, iTunes, Amazon, Pandora, or Deezer. Note, however, that most of them do not pay what we consider a fair share to the artist.